DVD - Path to Everest

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"Path to Everest" is the new film about Kilian Jornet that follows the path that led him to the highest peak in the world in an intimate portrait.

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Kilian Jornet, the best mountain runner in history, wrote as a child a list of all the races he would like to win and all the mountains he dreamed of climbing.

In May 2017 he ticked off the last on the list with the historic double, solo ascent of Everest, without oxygen and in a single climb. It marked the climax of the Summits of My Life project which over five years took him to some of the world’s most famous peaks, accompanied by a small group of climbers.

"Path to Everest", directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and Josep Serra, follows the path that led Kilian Jornet to the highest peak in the world in an intimate portrait that reveals his fears, contradictions and his desire to keep seeking new challenges so that he can continue to dream, surrounded by the mountains and people who are his inspiration.

Year and country of production: 2017 Spain
Duration: 80’
Original language: English, French, Spanish,
Catalan, Italian
Available versions: Spanish or Catalan
Digital HD / Colour
Genre: Documentary, mountains
Classification: Suitable for all audiences.