OST A Fine Line - Download

The Zikali collective has composed a spectacular and moving soundtrack to accompany Kilian Jornet on his voyage across the Alps in “A Fine Line”. 21 exclusive tracks that will help submerge you into the world of Summits of My Life.

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Format: mp3 192kbps 
File size: 54MB 
Downloadable file format: zip

Themes on the soundtrack:

01 Kilian's Theme 
02 Nuria's Theme 
03 The Wild Theme 
04 Naila's Theme 
05 Born to run 
06 Rock'n Run 
07 Ice Running 
08 One vision 
09 The List 
10 Gran Paradiso 
11 Wild feelings 
12 Traverse of the Aravis 
13 Balloons 
14 Break in the forest 
15 Early wake up 
16 Fly of the jackdaw 
17 The link 
18 Confidence 
19 Innominata Ridge 
20 Final Theme 
21 Happiness (end titles)

    What does the download process involve? 
    Once you have proceeded with the payment, you will have access to a link in order to start the download. Furthermore, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail featuring a link for you to proceed to download the soundtrack (in the event that you weren’t able to download it immediately or ran into difficulties).

    How can I download the soundtrack?
    The most recommended navigators for carrying out the purchasing process and the download are Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

    What can I do with the downloaded soundtrack file?
    Once you have downloaded the ost, you can play it on your computer, tablet, phone, TV, etc... There are no limits to the devices or times you can play it. It’s all yours!

    How much memory does the download take up? 
    The soundtrack in mp3 format takes up 54MB, and in wav format it takes up 400MB

    What forms of payment are there? 
    You can pay by credit card or via the secure payment gateway, PayPal

    I have problems downloading the film or it doesn’t play. What can I do?
    Check out our FAQ. If you can't find the answer there, you can write to us at info@summitsofmylife.com