Déjame Vivir - Download in English

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Mountain lovers: the second episode of Summits of My Life is here! 

Throughout history, there have always been people who have chosen to live differently. Discover the Kilian way in Déjame Vivir, an epic adventure lived on Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and Mount Elbrus, three emblematic peaks in Europe. Will Kilian manage to conquer the three summits that have fascinated him since childhood?

Share the pain, frustrations and joy of Kilian and his friends who elected to experience mountains in a different way, like other mountaineers had done before. They, just like all those who are drawn passionately to the mountains, like you, are not afraid of living.

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Restrictions: None. You can watch the film as many times as you like on the devices of your choice
Audio language: In different languages (each protagonist speaks in their own language) 
Subtitles: English (when English is spoken there are no subtitles) 
Quality: HD 1080p
File type: MP4 
File size: 2GB

IMPORTANT: You need a computer to download the file. The file cannot be downloaded on tablets and cell phones. When you complete your purchase you will be sent an e-mail to help you download it properly in the event you have difficulties.